Queer Easter and the Age of Pisces

A few weeks ago, I had the great privilege of sitting down (virtually, as we are still in the midst of a global pandemic) with a dear friend to record an episode for her podcast. Natalie Copeland runs the podcast Cosmologies, about the intersections of science, spirit, and the human condition. I first met Natalie when we worked together at The Museum of Flight, where we geeked out together about all sorts of things: astronomy, spirituality, theater, coffee, and queerness, to name a few.

Cosmologies airs on the new moon every month, which meant that this month, it came out the week after Easter. So Natalie and I used that as a starting point to talk about queering Easter, religious trauma, and Christianity’s relationship with science. She introduced the whole topic, tying it in to the podcast’s overall theme, with a discussion of the ages of man, and specifically the Ages of Pisces and Aquarius. Check it out!

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