Was Jesus Gay?

The topic of Jesus’ sexual life has been, shall we say, a frequent topic of hushed conversation throughout the life of the church. Since Paul, and heightened by medieval monasticism, Christianity has tended towards notions of dualism and asceticism. Therefore, it seems incongruous for mainstream theology to ponder the savior’s sexual life. Sex in generalContinue reading “Was Jesus Gay?”

Clobbers and Comebacks

Eventually, any discussion of queer theology must take into account what are known as the “clobber passages.” These verses from the Bible appear to outlaw homosexuality, or at least certain types of homosexual sex. The clobber passages have been used (as the name implies) to harm LGBTQ+ folks for many years, and so they should be wrestled with. However

Living in the Borderlands

Several weeks ago, I posted a reflection on the question, “what is queer theology?” In this post, we will go a little deeper, examining how theology can be informed by the queer experience — and vice versa. But before we get into the theology, a little bit of social theory: The anthropologist Mary Douglas examinedContinue reading “Living in the Borderlands”

Open Letter to a Queer Christian

In one of my online groups for LGBTQ+ Christians this week, someone shared a story about one of their friends who was at the receiving end of homophobic theology from a pastor. A member of the group wrote this letter in response; it has been adapted from the original (by the author) and is reproducedContinue reading “Open Letter to a Queer Christian”

“To Know God is to Do Justice”: Honoring the imago Dei

At the very beginning of our faith story, we are told that God creates humans in God’s image. Along with everything else in Their creation, God finds humanity “very good” (Gen. 1:31). This is the first time humans appear in the Bible, as the blessed image of God.  Throughout the centuries, church theologians have putContinue reading ““To Know God is to Do Justice”: Honoring the imago Dei”

What is “Queer Theology”?

If theology told the truth, it would speak of bodies, of flesh. Linn Marie Tonstad, Queer Theology Theology that speaks of bodies and flesh is so radically different from the kind I grew up with. I learned theology through discussions with my father, a Presbyterian minister, around the dinner table from the time I wasContinue reading “What is “Queer Theology”?”

Princess Dresses and Radical Possibilities

This post was originally published on the Reconciling Ministries Network blog in September 2017. The RMN blog has since been reorganized and the original post is no longer available. The other day, I was talking to my father, who is a Presbyterian minister. As often happens, we started talking about theology. (Occupational hazard of beingContinue reading “Princess Dresses and Radical Possibilities”

And God Shall Make Your Paths Queer

As I’m writing this, it’s just after Christmas. We recently passed through the liturgical season of Advent, the beginning of the church calendar. The church year opens, not with a crack of fireworks or a jubilant chorus, but with watching and waiting. In the world outside, the Christmas season with its hustle and bustle hasContinue reading “And God Shall Make Your Paths Queer”